Postcard from a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon (released 12 February, 2021)

Postcard from a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon (released 12 February, 2021)

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Feedback on this music video:

“Exquisite… almost impossible to forget”
Indie Criollo

“A slow burn that only has one problem. It ends.”
-Secret Eclectic

“This is art. This is epic.”

“Hauntingly beautiful”
Music Crowns

“Outstanding… It really is like nothing I’ve heard before.”
-York Calling

-Roadie Music

“Intoxicating… joyous.”
-Central Sauce


A pandemic couched in global political unrest. Does that better describe the events of 1918-19 or 2020-21? Bluebloods’ latest music video is set against an historically ambiguous backdrop that could just as easily represent either century. But at its heart it’s a love story. It revolves around isolated Flin Flon miner, Louise, as she pens a letter to her Winnipeg-based partner, Abe, while the world around them unravels. Postcard explores parallels between the crises of today and yesteryear, and how Manitobans living in communities like Flin Flon and Winnipeg have experienced them. It’s also a dreamy love song about the fantasies and yearnings of people trying desperately to stay together — even while history and fate conspire to keep them apart, perhaps forever.

Featuring the work of animator Ben Clarkson, performers Courtney Devon and Avis Penner, designer Damon Hayes Couture, cinematographer Jen Doersken, dancer Madi Dueck, lighting designer Cari Simpson, co-producer Sally Sweatman and others. Project supported by Canada Council for the Arts,, Flin Flon Heritage Project, and Manitoba Film and Music.

Make It Rain (EP)

Make It Rain (EP)

Released November 2019. Available here on all streaming platforms. 

“★★★★… a profound statement of intent from an emerging artist whose work will soon be sought after”—Winnipeg Free Press

“… one of the most, if not the most, ambitiously creative pieces of art to ambush the ears of [Winnipeg]”— Stylus Magazine

“We haven’t been able to stop listening… We would love to hear more from Bluebloods” 
York Calling 

Beautiful and impeccably crafted… damn near witchcraft!”
Cups N Cakes Network

Bluebloods’ debut EP Make It Rain, released November 2019, is a strikingly original and infectious work. Seamlessly blending classical, Jai Paul-inspired R&B, and EDM over five songs, “it tilts towards a new territory of sound-making” (Give It A Spin). No, VICE and Pitchfork have not yet noticed, but from Winnipeg to the UK and Greece, indie bloggers agree: this is a singular little record.

Listeners habituated to Winnipeg’s excellent export of crunchy punks and folkies may be lead to conclude, “We’re not in Manitoba anymore.” Yet this is very much a prairie record. Led by producer, guitarist, and songwriter Conrad Sweatman, Bluebloods’ line-up of guest singers reads like a who’s who of the Manitoba indie scene, including Courtney Devon (Amadians), as well as Heather Thomas (ATLAAS), and Roman Clarke, and Elessar Thiessen. The Make It Rain EP deals largely with the ‘fly-over country’ that extends roughly from Michigan to Saskatchewan: clandestine dances in Mennonite Manitoba, Dust Bowl and dominatrixes, and the post-industrialization of Detroit. It recalls the ‘old, weird’ prairies of yore. But this is also a restless record that aims to push the prairie’s culture in new directions – one attune to the political disgraces of Manitoba’s past and present, and open to the cutting edge sounds of Tokyo and London. So enough with our grandiloquence, start listening.

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A massive thank you, of course, to all the gifted musicians and artists who contributed directly to shaping the Make It Rain EP: Roman Clarke (vocals), Courtney Devon (vocals), Elessar Thiessen (vocals), Matthew Lindholm (vocals), Michael Perry (vocals), Heather Thomas (vocals), Jennifer Doerksen (photography), Jon Snidal (web design), and Riley Hill (audio engineering). Thank you to Margie Sweatman and Glenn Buhr for their lessons and friendship, and to my mom Sally Sweatman for her years of wise and peculiar advice. Hats off to John Elwood for hooking me up with those Neil tickets; they say never meet your heroes, but perhaps that’s because it can be just as much fun to meet their brother. Finally, a warm thank you to Kina, one of the greats, who in so many ways inspired me throughout this project.